About Us

Duc Khang Hospital  

At Duc Khang Hospital, we continually go above and beyond to fulfill our mission to build a healthy community, one individual at a time. Practicing patient-centered care, we always put patients first and strive to promote our core values:

  • Excellence - we pursuit the highest standard of medical treatment; we continually learn and innovate for better outcomes.
  • Compassion - we understand what our patients and their loved ones are going through; we care for them with empathy yet maintaining professionalism. 
  • Efficiency -  we make full use of our resources to improve processes and provide diverse health services at reasonable cost.

Our vision

We deliver innovative and diverse health services that satisfy patient's needs at reasonable cost.

Our commitment

We are committed to deliver quality health services that help patients to live not only longer but live better.

Our mission

We take care for the people of our community, make all communities we serve healthier – and better – places in which to live.

Main Service

Dialysis Unit

Duc Khang Hospital is one of the major dialysis centers in Ho Chi Minh City. We provides dialysis, a lifesaving treatment for patients with chronic kidney failure. A large number of patients with chronic kidney disease are receiving dialysis treatment at our hospital. They come from different provinces across the country; many of them have been on dialysis at the hospital for over 5 years. The dialysis unit operates 4 shifts per day from Monday to Saturday starting at 6 am. Patients can choose the treatment time that is convenient to them. Dialysis care at Duc Khang Hospital is provided by a team of professionals including nephrologists, registered nurses, and certified hemodialysis technicians. Our goal is to maintain and improve the overall health and quality of life for patients with end-stage renal disease. To maintain our high standards of operation and patient care, we continually monitor patient satisfaction and the quality of our clinical services.

09 August 2020

Government Insurance Policy

Để được hưởng BHYT 100% cho chi phí chạy thận nhân tạo cần có “Giấy chứng nhận không cùng chi trả trong năm”.

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02 August 2020

How To Use Bluezone

By joining Bluezone community, you have got connected to protect the community.

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27 July 2020

Q&A About Kidney Disease


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27 July 2020

Know Your Kidney Numbers

Which numbers are especially important in predicting kidney health — and what's in the normal range?

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